Projects for Veterans

We have over 150 jobs that need to get done.

If you can help, click the ‘volunteer info’ link above and sign up to volunteer.

Job Date Work Needed
1 reoccurring mowing, steps
2 replace oven
3 lawn and other misc stuff
4 Paint kitchen
5 needs west deck replaced
6 needs help sanding steps on back patio
7 needs deck built, has deck
8 build workbench, roof, power pole rot
9 Replace dryer cord
10 lawn care
11 bi-weekly lawn care
12 trim trees in the fall, hauling rocks, 18 yards gravel rock spread, fix riding mower, need A/C
13 electrical work in bdrm, replace outlets and painting
14 needs roof replaced
15 need to skin shed,
16 yard work, 1 acre of mowing & weed eating garden, carpet cleaning and repair, stretch carpet in some spots
17 needs lawn work
18 1/3 acre field needs cut
19 fix tank chain, has parts
20 roof, back deck
21 debris and weed removal backyard, put together brewery room
22 move couch from storage to house
23 clean up outside yard, trim rose bushes, weed eat,
24 moving furniture from living room to basement
25 replace toilet, floor in bdrm replaced, pressure blast house and paint, sidewalk cracked
26 clean up outside house, getting tickets from city
27 Fence repair
28 power raking, build ramp
29 fence fell, wood fence might need new posts
30 2X10 boards, 3X6 aluminum sheet
31 replace outside garage light fixtures
32 renter-bathtub won’t drain
33 outside trim, shrubs
34 retaining wall not supported
36 remove carpet and clean up after
37 tile work entry, kitchen, bathrooms, ceiling work, walk in tub install, electrical outlet
38 house is falling down, sinks, steps
39 outside cleanup, scrap metal, possibly some painting, 1 trailer load and some tires, landlord gave him 90 days to get cleaned up
40 has 30X35 shop that needs to be painted, clean out a barn, move stuff into a field
41 needs a few beds painted
42 got security camera from Lowe’s and wants installed
43 has airport chairs-5 connectors, 2 3-way switches on stairway need replaced, has new switches w/ motion sensor
44 remodeled kitchen, move plumbing
45 stove top, direct connect freezer
46 175 ft, poles set already, chain-link and/or fence
47 roof replacement
48 needs ramp, smoke detectors replaced (has detectors) ceiling fixed from old leak
49 needs working fridge, new wheelchair ramp, working microwave
50 pull out 50ft+ chain link fence and put in vinyl
51 needs wheelchair ramp
52 Fence pole electrical patio doors leaks
53 fencing cement poles
54 window trim house paint fascia window trim chimney garage doors
55 Pick up Table garage 30×30 3/16 water board
56 Lawn Care Home repairs
57 Fix Ramp Fix loose Boards
58 Need Wood stove
59 roof
60 Kitchen Down pipe drain/disposal 7/8 deep not draining leak
61 Widow Stroke
62 Ex Porch 14×20 deck make walk way front side house will buy materials replace dead bolt locks metal door install.
63 Has VET group home ^ vet family’s Roof Blew off shingles off needs materials
64 Needs Wood fence repaired/ approximately 40 boards x 6 ft tall window small Broken window Tree trimmed
65 front deck small back porch built
66 drain fluid covering install security
67 Foreclosed Home Need Help Packing up moving to storage
68 No running water 50 boards pulled new wood stove install
69 Rebuild Trailer Box will pay for materials
70 Need ramp 3 ft. his summer home Loon lake Lives in Ca.
71 Soffit repair Spoke to TED needs vinyl soffit
72 Unknown
73 Personal needs
74 SOD Pipe
75 Lawn Care Home repairs
76 Outside cleaning painting scrap metal 1+trailer loads trash tires. Landlord gave him 90 days to get outside and clean
77 Move 2-3 truck Loads 10 miles away By July 17 no latter
78 replace sink disposal lose wires
79 House Painted outside 6 ft. fence installed 4×4 posts install 2×6 1×6 window seals dog run
80 need to look at shower
81 Porch Broken
82 6 ft Ramp contractor 41 yrs.
83 front porch sinking unstable hazard for elderly VET
84 Roof Leaking
85 faucets dripping requires ladder
86 need ramp built in front need materials has bad heart on Meds High priority
87 Bad road intersection Priest lake Idaho
88 Broken window
89 Help lawn care weeding other tasks
90 Painting pruning gutters cleaned
92 Hot water tank
93 wheel chair ramp TUESDAY
94 New Breaker Box
95 Help raising flag needs help completing tile has all materials
96 rain leak cut roofing wrong
97 plug the W/o Extension cord
98 look at kitchen Fan
99 Shallow well inline filter put in yard and shop leaky roof metal roof leaks will get filter if needed
100 roof assess some electrical issues
101 Need few strong backs to move kitchen pantry pantry cabinets garage to upstairs 2 PTSI 100% rating 70 yrs old cant lift heavy lifting
102 fix retaining wall
103 Biweekly mowing
104 House is Over whelmed with weeds
106 Repair Broken bed frame
107 Repair porch and back decking falling apart needs labor and deck experience will buy materials
108 Backdoor/Garage needs rubber shower head caulk family room window change out thermostat Heat Up Bath Aerator/downstairs kitchen doors weatherstrip outside light patio
109 Tires replaced on boat trailer AC switched out
110 roof fixed trailer leaks replace toiled guts can buy materials
111 How to start Hot Water Propane Burner in my 17ft camper Pilot light
112 Outside trim on outside of house Shrubs
113 Toilet Not working Water heater broken not working
114 yard care, weeds, General Clean Up 2 large paintings need hung clean an area fence new shed Paid Job
115 Pu Hospital bed Roof repaint trim 2 story home 1 day 2 guys Project Church
116 front door tape texture replace 2 windows sheet rock up next week.
117 Off Grid Spray Fiberglass in a 18X32 Barn NON profit Front line has $2,000 set aside to do job will rent equipment Paid JOB
118 Stage 4 cancer needs bathroom finished before he dies
119 Have shed wants converted to tiny house then offer to homeless person chimney needs cap garage needs so can be painted
120 put soffets up in garage we started the Job but never finished Need To FINISH ASAP
121 put up green board set bath tub No Plumbing Son will Have materials
122 House has flooded room Pulled up carpet 24 Hour Vcare he trips w/walker
123 Need heating element for frig dryer small sheet rock job with insulation if possible yellow jackets serious problem
124 Ramp Trees Grass Vacant 2 yrs. Code Violation
125 yard work, 1 acre mowing weeding tree gardens, carpet cleaning, some repair have carpet rems.
126 Need to Skin this shed windows. Will have pig roast and windows discount PRIORITY
127 General Labor will
128 some leaking single wide mobile Widon of vet
129 Plumbing Roof Electrical  33 miles 100% Disabled Standards for VA
130 Cecelia Networking
131 Table in Kitchen cutting misc Kitchen  small closet has outlets No electrical
132 Tore down barn wood hauled will pay dump fees green bags labor only
134 roof fixed on a trailer leaks all over can buy materials
135 safety Bar in shower they have the Bar Homestead apts
136 Chimney leaks when it rains not sure from where
137 Back deck Leaks will buy remove roof roof tear off Mcvay is doing gutters will pay for supplies
138 Toilet chain needs fixed in tank has parts need to remove old cabinet hand rail or front porch
139 Weeding of rock flower beds around home 3 trees in back trim on patio shape bushes 2 guys 3-4 hours
140 Dishwasher is out wont drain fire detector 3 dogs 9 cats
141 Clean outside of house from getting tickets from the city 8 guys 10 hours Combat Vet Ryders
142 Leak under washer Husband Deployed Mold laundry room Black Mold
143 netting and bark has material paint roof 70×14
144 Crew came out 5 weeks ago told they would be in touch and haven’t got back with him
145 Had Electrical fire needs outlet 2 plugs kitchen plugs living room east/south hallway and bathroom
146 Roof some electrical microwave is on no power living room north
147 light Electrical help Exposed wires
148 Main Power water to house
150 Exhaust Fan
151 roof caps needs shingles feel down stairs
153 Composting toilet he will call
154 king/queen Bed set up with mattresses laying SOD,Moving fence 100 ft. Building New Vinyl fence about 140 – ft. building roof structure over patio install new gutters
155 Pull up outside walls to connect 2 parts to house
156 Dishwasher Maytag
157 outside paint pressure wash house Drill with Marine
158 60 inch TV Mounted on wall has wall mount Location North End Lake Call First

These are some of the projects we have done….

Otis from Post Falls, was getting evicted and needed to move immediately. We moved his belongings into a storage unit for him. Otis was grateful we were there to help when he couldn’t find anyone else.

Arlene & Ralph of Spokane were thankful for our help fixing their stairs and risers as well as repairing the garage door.

Otis 28 May 2016

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