Why Help Veterans – Kevin’s Bio

Kevin’s Bio – History Of Helping The Community

Relentless Hard Work and Dedication is the Key to Kevin’s Work Ethic

As a kid growing up Kevin built tree forts, mowed lawns, pulled weeds, had a paper route, and collected bottles for a living. He also sold magazines, encyclopedias, and Kirby vacuums on the phone, and door to door.

During high school he worked in the family “Headhunters” business where he developed a talent for working with customers and employees on the phone and in person, and an understanding for office administration.

After high school he started working for a group of “Tax Shelter Promoters”. Alot of hard work  got him noticed by one of the three principles of the company, making Kevin his personal assistant for the next seven years. The company raised about $900 million for development of “secondary oil recovery” and “coal gasification” leases and technology. He got quite an education about business at that level.

At 25 years old he decided to leave the tax shelter business and go to college. He attended Regis College, a small Jesuit college in Denver where he earned his degree in Business Administration. During his college summer vacations he worked building concrete bridges, runways, and interstate highways around the country.

After college he went back to work for his families’ real estate business where they purchased over 20 foreclosure properties during a five year period. Kevin was responsible for developing the foreclosure leads into purchases, rehab and re-sale.


During this time he was appraising single family homes in South Central Los Angeles  where he developed several personal relationships with “Street Gang Leaders” whose houses he was appraising.

After the Los Angeles riots he was able to rally some of the gangs to help develop a start up program designed to help “youth at risk” get jobs in the area. During the next six years he put together a program to get illegal guns off the streets, and helped over 60 gang members get jobs.

As the gang programs wound down, needing a change of scenery, he ended up in Berne Indiana (a mostly Amish community) helping his elderly aunt. From the streets of South Central Los Angeles one week, – to living in an Amish community the next.

Six months and minus 20 degrees later he moved from Indiana, ending up in Tucson working for America Online in their cancellation call center. Six years later when AOL downsized their workforce he moved back to Los Angeles.

He is currently a real estate broker working with short sales and foreclosures and the owner/operator of a Casino Party Business.  A registered volunteer at the VA hospital, he is currently helping wounded and disabled vets with Free Handyman services.

US Veterans
US Veterans
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